Where can I have my party?

Most of the parties I do now are in church halls or community centres. Many times I also often perform in pubs or sports centres. The advantage of all of these venues is you arrive, set up your food and decorate then leave when it’s all finished to go home to your lovely clean home! Of course I do my show in people’s homes too – as long as you have a room big enough for all the children to get in then I can fit in too!

What do I need to supply for my party?

If you book me for my 2 hour show package – www.martinthemagician.co.uk/birthdays – then you just supply the decorations, food and cake. Along with my show I bring music and all prizes. You can supply your own party bags or I can do that too – see www.martinthemagician.co.uk/extras

Which areas do you cover?

My home area is Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Durham and all surrounding areas – although I have done shows across to Cumbria and up to Edinburgh. I’ve even been booked for special events as far away as London and Carmarthen – I’ll go anywhere!

What about parties for younger or older children?

I can adjust my show to most age groups from 3 up to 9 or 10. I encourage mothers to sit with the younger ones and enjoy the show with their children. Any older than 9 or 10 and I would suggest my Magic Workshop – see here.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes – this can be done through PayPal or your own internet banking. I’ll send details when you book.

Can I see any reviews of your show?

Yes, of course, please click here to see feedback from my show

Do you do joint parties?

Yes I do! There is no difference in the price and some parents find it easier to split the cost of the whole party.

Can you do the show outside?

I perform my shows outdoors at fetes and galas of course but that is of necessity. At private parties I prefer to do it indoors. It sounds ideal to be outside but bear in mind the children will be sitting looking up at me and possibly up into the sun. If they aren’t then I am! Plus there are distractions such as aeroplanes and wasps etc.

Do you need a room to change in or set up?

I don’t need a room to change in but it’s always nice to be able to set the show up away from prying eyes! Having said that I have set up many times with the children in the same room and happy to do that.

What if I need to cancel my party?

I have had very few cancellations over the years but sometimes the birthday child may be ill or some other family matter crops up. In those circumstances I would carry the deposit over to a new date we can arrange. If this isn't possible at the time of cancellation then the full fee would become due. If the cancellation is over 21 days away from the booking then no fee would be due.