Schools & Educational Shows

Do you need to get important messages across to children?

The success of Educational Magic is based on three elements of performance management:

1. Entertainment Combined with Education: when children are having fun and enjoying themselves they will be more receptive to ideas.

2. Audience Participation: when children get involved they are learning!

3. Magic: using magic to illustrate key points helps children remember the message.

Such is the success of these shows that to meet enquiries from all over the UK Martin has trained 3 other magicians to cover the whole country – contact him for details

Environmental Magic

“Recycling, The Magical Way”

This 45-60 minute inspirational program contains meaningful messages dramatizing the importance of recycling, energy conservation, and the value of good environmental habits. Simply stated, the children learn about recycling and energy conservation while being entertained — like magic!

Along with the colourful magic, and good clean fun, there is learning. In one scene, as the children learn about recycling aluminium, they’ll see an empty flattened drinks can magically reform, reseal and refill itself! In another scene, scrambled letters are taken from the Environmental Alphabet and rearrange themselves, at the children’s request into the word RECYCLE! This routine particularly encourages feedback from the audience.

The above description is offered only to show the general nature of the program. There are many other routines, some illustrating the problems of overflowing landfills. Others, touching on the topic of reusing old items instead of throwing them away. The children will even get to meet Martin’s imaginary friend – Recycling Pete, the recycling expert – a drawing of a cartoon face that comes alive and talks about the benefits of recycling, and why it’s so important.

Adding to the educational value the teachers are provided with a follow-up guide which highlights the educational points of the show and enables them to take this experience back into the classroom.

In this way pupils gain the most value from “Recycling, The Magical Way”.


Watch any magician at work, from David Blaine to Dynamo, and you are watching maths experiments in action. Even mind magicians such as Derren Brown are using a knowledge of biology when they read people’s body language and behaviour to predict their thoughts.

More traditional, rabbit-in-the-hat magicians exploit their knowledge of the laws of physics and chemistry to amaze audiences.

In this Maths Magic show we take some basic mathematical principles and turn them into spectacles of trickery. All the old staples of the magician are explained by a little maths, cleverly applied.


In ancient times magicians wielded tremendous power in society.

Today, of course, we realise that the mysterious world of magic is truly the world of science.

All magic is comprised of illusions and the majority of illusions are based on scientific principles.

Come with us on a journey of exploration into the science behind the magic.

The Magic of Science allows everyone, both in the audience and on stage, to become a magician.

Everything performed in this show looks and acts like a real magic trick.

The only real trick is that everything done is science at work.

Science studies in chemistry, light, magnetism, optical illusions, physics, and mathematics are all demonstrated.

Everything performed has a scientific principle behind it.

However, each of these topics will appear to the audience as a challenging and astonishing magic trick.

The 45 minute presentations are tailored for each age group and will provide appropriate academic content.

Even more exciting are the ‘hands-on’ workshops offered as part of the full day format.

Designed for children of all ages these sessions teach children to apply principles seen earlier in the day by creating their own ‘take home’ magic shows.

It’s great fun for everyone.

Healthy Eating

Children are constantly bombarded by advertisements to buy fizzy drinks, sweets, crisps and other junk food. Is it any wonder they have difficulty making healthy choices? If one of your goals is to sell the idea that there are healthy alternatives for children to enjoy and get them to exchange their fizzy drinks and sweets for milk and fruit then you need the Healthy Eating Magic Show.

This unique 45-minute assembly programme that teaches KS1 and KS2 students about healthy eating gets them thinking about what they put into their bodies. Through the use of magic and comedy students are taught the five food groups in a fun manner. A discussion of bullying, self-esteem and the importance of taking charge of one’s health, both physically and mentally, is also included. While the children are being entertained, they are also learning. It is an unusual way to learn, but it works!

The content of the show complements and reinforces Healthy Eating initiatives.

It provides these immediate benefits for schools:

Good introductory information before the launch of healthy eating projects

Reinforcement of lessons on healthy eating and exercise

Support for teachers’ goals with regard to lessons on bullying and self-esteem


Covering such topics as “Respect For Others”, “We’re All Different But We’re All Equal”,

and a special magic routine incorporating the ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN message.