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Wedding/Christening Packages

Anyone who has children will know that attempting to keep them happy for a considerable length of time at a wedding or family gathering can be an overwhelming task. Wedding days especially can be particularly long for children.

Sitting through the service, then the photoshoot, can take up to two hours. At that point it's on to the venue for the meal – this could easily last another two hours! It’s easy to see how the youngsters could start to get extremely anxious – and the parents get increasingly concerned that their children could be a distraction for others.

That’s where Magic Martin comes in – entertaining your young guests all through the dinner with Close Up Magic and Balloon Modelling and keeping them astounded and amazed so they don't get fidgety and upset the meal for their parents and other guests.

After the dinner it’s time for the speeches. This can also be a period when the youngsters begin to get bored and aggravate their parents and other guests. This is where Martin will perform a show for the youngsters in an adjacent room so that the speeches can continue in peace.

You will have enough to consider on your special day - let us lighten your load.