Teaching Pupils How to Make a Difference through Magic

Let’s make education more hilarious and entertaining

Getting Important Messages Across
to Children Can Be Quite a Challenge

Children have a short attention span

They easily get distracted

Not all shows are engaging for children

But learning gets more interesting if it is combined with a unique and interactive kind of entertainment.

Introducing the Educational Magic Show.

The show includes comedy, and magic tricks to make children’s learning
more fun and effective.

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Here’s what the teachers say about Martin’s STEM Wizard Magic Show

Environmental Magic

It can often be challenging to teach important lessons to preschoolers. This is where Martin can help you by means of The RRR show.

This show provides a captivating and interactive experience for the pupils.

The children learn about recycling, energy conservation, and the value of good
environmental habits — while being entertained! Like magic!


Martin’s magic show can help teach your pupils topics around

  • "Respect For Others"
  • "We're All Different But We're All Equal"
  • and a special magic routine incorporating the ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN message.

Healthy Eating

Children nowadays are constantly bombarded with advertisements to buy fizzy drinks, sweets, crisps, and other junk food.

So, if these are some of your goals for your pupils:

  • To give kids the idea that there are healthy alternatives for them to enjoy
  • To get them to exchange their fizzy drinks and sweets for milk and fruit

then you need the Healthy Eating Magic Show. With the use of magic and comedy, KS1 and KS2 students are taught the five food groups in a fun and interactive way.

The show complements and reinforces healthy eating initiatives.


Learning basic maths is fun, but magic makes kids get more excited to learn it.

This act explains some of the most famous mathematical illusions and turns them into tricks.

The magician takes basic mathematics and applies it to illusions in order to create a spectacular, amazing show for the kids.


Now, we know that behind the world of magic is really the world of science.

Through the Magic of Science show, Martin will take you and your students on a journey of exploration into the science behind magic.

This interactive show allows the pupils to participate and become magicians for a day.

These lessons, which are appropriate for kids of all ages, will allow kids to put what they have learned into practice by making their own “take-home” magic performances.

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